Internet of Things (IoT)

Make it Smarter …


With each passing day, the “Internet of Things” becomes more and more reality. It aims, not only to improve operational efficiency, risk and standards management, maintenance management, but also to reduce operating cost and energy consumption.
Measurement solutions play a major role in this process, enabling objects to collect and exchange datas.

…From the beginning

Nanolike develops a nano strain gauge technology matching this trend. Thanks to their physical properties, our measurement solution can help you make your device more efficient while benefiting from the low energy consumption and high sensitivity.

Collecting strain related measurements has never been so smart.


E-Health: Nanolike has designed weight measurement solution used in connected balances

Smart Industry: Nanolike develops sensor networks to help company improve the quality of their production

E-Textile: Nanolike is involved in creating sensors that you can integrate in smart clothing.

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