Industrial tests

Nanolike develops the instrumentation according to your testing problems.

The extensometer for your tensile testing

Tensile tests are performance tests, they are designed to determine the ability of a product to run or resist certain constraints in order to increase their reliability and performance. Moreover they also optimize the design of parts, and therefore cost optimization.

When this is about mechanical tests, measurements are often carried out by extensometry, it means, by measuring the deformation using strain gauges.


Extensometry is involved in many areas:

Automotive Railway Aeronautics Space
automotive-industry  railway-industry  aeronautics  satellite

And at different levels:
Validation of a supplier, machine performance tests, development of a new product (design, component testing, field testing), control or changing a manufacturing process.

The nano strain gauges satisfy requirements for test centers and measuring

Thanks to their characteristics, our strain gauges facilitate your industrial test installations.

Gauges high sensitivity (G=30) allows you to realize high precision tensile tests.

Their low power consumption makes installation of autonomous and communicating gauge bridges easier, that allow you to save time in the implementation of your tests.

Finally, our nano strain gauges are suitable for large networking:

  • Possibility to perform mapping
  • Very strong integration for the installations reduction costs: you can bond a dozen of strain gauges simultaneously

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